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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Political Satire, circa 1872

     Ever since I came across this page several years ago from the ledgers of my great grandfather, George Washington Estes Row, I have not been quite sure what to make of it. It is written in the vernacular of a country hick, complete with intentional misspellings (he did not actually write or speak this way. He was, in fact quite articulate). It is the kind of humorous bit you sometimes would see in the pages of the Native Virginian in Orange, but whether George really intended to send it to "Mr. Editor" I cannot say. From this distance I do not know what point he was making, but I do know that there was a Charles Herndon who represented the Spotsylvania area in the House of Delegates in the 1870s.
     So, on the eve of the elections I offer this little bit of satirical whimsy from the pencil of George W.E. Row, followed by my transcription.

To Mr. Editor, by George W.E. Row

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