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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Shady Grove

Shady Grove Church, 1934

     Today I am presenting a couple of pictures from Shady Grove Methodist Church, established in 1841. Many members of my family, both contemporary and ancient, were baptized here, attended church here, played the piano here, listened to sermons by generations of preachers here and are laid to rest in the cemetery behind the church.
     Another photo I am very fond of is the one below, taken in 1908. In it we see some of the girls from the neighborhood during a fund raising effort for the Rosebud Missionary Society. Their names and married names, added parenthetically, are from left to right: Lillian Kellar (Pulliam), Agnes Hicks (Howard), Ruth Kent (Payne), Eva Bartleson (Pierson), Grace Bartleson (Kent), Lula Bartleson (Sothoron) and Alice Hicks (Jones). Faces at a church gathering from a time long gone. [These images can be clicked on for larger viewing.]

Rosebud Missionary Society

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